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We teach a Human movement framework that makes movement professionals irreplaceable

Provide amazing results that no one else can!
Become irreplaceable!
Radically change your client’s lives, and your own…for the BETTER!

Avoid obsolescence...

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Don't be replaced...

Up until now, you learned what you were told you needed to know.  Unfortunately, your current skills are insufficient to make your services truly  irreplaceable.  However, through SQUARE 1’s instruction, you will be provided with all the tools needed to upgrade your skill set, and become truly irreplaceable.

Have you ever considered…


Your toolbox...

If your skills are replaceable, then so are you!  Is that what you want for yourself?  To feel unvalued?  To be replaceable?


The stress...

Have you resigned yourself to a life and career filled with uncertainty, and stress?


The long hours...

Are you tired of feeling burnt out from working long hours that yield inconsistent results for your clients?


The missing link...

Do you wish you could crack the code to becoming a sought after professional in your chosen field?

You deserve RESULTS!

Become Irreplaceable!

At SQUARE 1, we believe that you deserve to become an irreplaceable movement professional.

If you come to the table with a skill set that produces fantastic results that no one else can, you deserve to be compensated with equally fantastic rewards!  

How does SQUARE 1 make you irreplaceable?

I'm glad you asked...



Non-SQUARE 1 methods focus on treating a client’s symptoms.  SQUARE 1 is different, because it searches for and identifies the root cause of those same symptoms:  Sensory gaps caused by trauma, and compensation.



The Square 1 system works by “interviewing” a client’s nervous system to discover the compensations and trauma causing their aches, pains, or other ailments.  



After identifying a client’s sensory gaps, SQUARE 1 practitioners use a variety of techniques to restore the lost functionality caused by these sensory gaps.  Results include significant pain relief, better posture, and improved strength, power, and energy.


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