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Online Courses

Choose from the Library of courses below. Lifetime access, mobile friendly, and designed to teach you the SQUARE 1 methodology from your home, gym, or office.

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SQUARE 1 Online

The entire SQUARE 1 methodology,  put in an online course

Joint Specific Assessment

Learn how to use The SQUARE 1 System's Phase Maps to accurately assess your client's planar- and joint action- specific load tolerance.

Neural Response Muscle Testing

Learn how The SQUARE 1 System identifies the hyper-specific joint actions in need of attention.

Ground Reactions Forces and the Body

Learn why and how the body absorbs and responds to ground reaction forces, and what you can do to improve it!

The Complete Joint Action Phase Maps

Utilize the complete joint-action map found within the four phase maps of The SQUARE 1 System.

The Self RESET

A subset of the SQUARE 1 methodology, made for in-home personal use.


Signal 6º

A SQUARE 1-inspired movement routine, designed for teams and groups.

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